Moving & Handling at Work
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Moving & Handling at Work


Your role may include some form of moving and handling of inanimate objects.

The 'Manual Handling Operations Regulations (MHOR) regulations 1992 apply specifically to tasks that involve lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving by hand or bodily force.


You should always carry out any form of moving and handling task in the agreed ways found in your policies and procedures.

Over a third of injuries in the workplace, which lead to time off work, are due to moving and handling errors. It is extremely important that specialist training on moving and handling is provided. This will prevent accidents and minimise the likelihood of injury to the individuals you support, yourself and others.


Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are not only a legal requirement, they also provide clear guidance and information on how to keep people safe and prevent danger, harm and accidents.

These identify hazards in a workplace, evaluate the level of risk and put in place control measures or procedures to reduce the risk.


There are five steps to a risk assessment which you will need to understand:

  1. Identify the hazards of an area, a specific task or situation.
  2. Identify those who may be harmed such as, individuals, visitors, other workers and contractors.
  3. Evaluate the risk by looking at what methods are in place to control risks or reduce them.
  4. Record the findings of the risk assessment to help to remind everyone of what the risks are and how to reduce them.
  5. Review and modify the risk assessment when changes happen to the tasks or workplace. Changes may increase risks or reduce them.


Duration Half-day

Cost is £150.00


Assessment and Certification

Practical skills assessment of competence on site.

Candidates will receive a certificate of attendance following the course.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How often should manual handling training be given?

There is no set requirement for manual handling refresher training. However, it is widely recommended that refresher training is provided for an individual, either:
Every three years or...
Any time there is a material change in work practices or systems of work that requires safe moving and handling of loads.

HSE - Manual handling at work